11379(a) hs – How to Handle Methamphetamine Criminal Charges in California

California Petty TheftGiven the abnormal popularity and addictiveness of Methamphetamines, receiving a 11379(a) hs charge against you or a loved one is far more common than anyone would like to admit. California has several areas that are heavily populated by meth users, many of whom are attempting to quit using this powerful and destructive drug, but are simply outmatched by the narcotic’s hold over its users.

If you are facing charges for the use, transport, or distribution of methamphetamine in California, there are several life-altering scenarios that you could experience, but a wide variety of different factors influence different offender’s criminal cases, making it nearly impossible to warn and inform worried newbies as to what they can expect.

I’ve been arrested and charged with 11379(a) hs. Now What?

11379(a) hs is a felony offense, and could result in incarceration depending on the amount that you were trying to sell at the time of your arrest. Prosecutors would then have the “burden to prove” that you:

  • Knew that the drug was in your presence and that it was a controlled substance.
  • Were exchanging enough meth to another person for it to be used as a narcotic.
  • Were doing one of the following acts:
    • Selling Methamphetamines.
    • Giving away Methamphetamines.
    • Transporting Methamphetamines.
    • Administering Methamphetamines.

You may believe that your arresting officer failed to meet these requirements, or that he or she most definitely has everything needed to take you down. Either assessment may be incorrect. California Methamphetamine law can be very complicated. There may be loopholes within your case that could lead to a case dismissal, or there may be evidence that you are unaware of that could drastically effect your case outcome.

Possible Legal Defenses for those facing 11379(a) hs Charges

Every case is different. Each case would need to be evaluated differently and a course of action should be developed around the facts of the case and the needs of the client. Although these would not work for everyone, they are defenses that have proven to be successful for some in the past.

  • Unintended distribution. Is it possible that you were completely unaware that you were providing or selling Methamphetamines at the time of your arrest? If so, and there is some form of evidence to back you up, there is a possibility you could use this information as a tool.
  • Entrapment by a police officer. If a police officer goes about creating a methamphetamine transaction with you in a way that is deemed outside of their code of conduct, you may be in a position to have your case dismissed.

Free Consultation for those charged with 11379(a) hs

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