5 Things That You Should Expect From Your Newport Beach Violent Crimes Lawyer

When searching for a Newport Beach criminal defense attorney, be sure to check:

1)     The Track Record of Success – Out of all the cases that are processed in the county court, how many of these are successful? This information can be obtained directly from the Newport Beach Criminal Defense Attorney, or through the county records office.

2)     Confidentiality – When defendants enter a lawyer’s office for consultation, there should be a guarantee that privacy is respected.

3)     Niche – Criminal defense attorneys will know the ins and outs of aggressive defense for serious crimes such as drug sales, assault and other high-penalty crimes. Depending on the crime that you’re being accused of, it’s recommended that defendants seek out lawyers that are experts in the charged crime.

4)     Recent Winnings – as the laws change from year to year, you will need a have a well-experienced Newport Beach Violent Crimes Lawyer that also keeps abreast of the latest penal codes changes and updates. As an example, there has been a strong push to legalize marijuana outside of medical use. As a result, if someone is caught transporting marijuana in conjunction with a violent offense such as assault, the penalties or requirements for prosecution will vary.

5)     Years in Business – How long has the law firm been in business?  Macgregor and Collins have been established in the California region for more than 30 years.

If you’ve been found guilty of crimes such as domestic violence, drug possession, DUI, assault or other types of crimes in Newport Beach, Orange County, Laguna Beach or several other counties in the state of California, don’t hesitate to contact MacGregor and Collins at 949-250-6097 today. In doing so, those accused will be securing one of the best Newport Beach criminal defense attorneys in the state.

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