Fraudulent Crimes Lawyer in Newport Beach

Fraud crimes are usually those that involve participating in a criminal activity with the motive to gain something in return. Another defining element of this crime is that it hurts the victims, whether financially or through some other means.

Examples of popular fraud crimes in Newport Beach include:

  • Perjury – Have you lied on the witness stand to keep someone or yourself out of jail? This lie, whether big or small is a crime – and it carries high penalties in Newport Beach county.
  • Forgery – Did you recently sign someone’s checks or documents to gain something in return? Forgery is a serious offense that will need serious defense.
  • Theft – There are several types of theft, including shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft, grand auto theft and more. Each category of theft has its own defining values for prosecution and penalties under California Penal Code 484.
  • Identity Theft – This is a Federal offense, that will be prosecuted at the state level as well as in Federal Court. Don’t take chances if you’ve been accused of Identity Theft. Contact a fraud crimes attorney right away.

Popular defenses for fraud crimes include mistaken identity, or simply being wrongly accused. These defenses however, are subject to the specific offense that a competent lawyer can pour over to come up with the best defense for your criminal case. These crimes are usually non-violent, but the fines are nevertheless very high.

Are you being accused of crimes such as theft, perjury, white collar crimes, embezzlement or some other offense? Get in touch with an experienced Newport Beach Fraud crimes lawyer as soon as possible. Call MacGregor and Collins today at (949) 250-6097. Also check out the full list of California Penal Codes or crimes, and their penalties here.

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