Hit and Run in California

What is Hit and Run?

California Penal Code Section 20002 defines Hit and Run as refusing to stop at the time of an accident, or failing to present one’s identifying information.

Determining Factors of Hit and Run:

Before any case can be brought to court, there are factors of the crime that will need to be verified. Hit and Run CVC 20002 is no different, and these factors include:

  • The accused did not stop at the time of an accident and/or
  • The accused refused to present an ID, or vehicle information
  • The accused knew that an accident occurred

Outlined in the code are:

  • Whether a property was damaged,  vs. whether a person was injured
  • In the event that someone was injured, the results will be felony charges as per 20001

Penalties for California Penal Code 20002

The fines and punishments for Hit and Run, if convicted, include:

  • Misdemeanor: Jail: up to 1 yr| Fines: up to $1,000 | Informal probation | Victim restitution

In addition, the DMV will deduct two points from the offender’s driver’s license.

It should be noted that felony or misdemeanor charges are determined by specific circumstances of the case, and the court will deliberate on these, before sentencing someone found guilty of Hit and Run.

How to Hire a Orange County Law Firm for Hit and Run:

Choosing a lawyer can distinguish between serving time in jail for hit and run, or pursuing alternative sentencing. A hit and run can leave you holding a criminal record, but it doesn’t have to be the case. If you’ve been accused of misdemeanor hit and run under California Vehicle Code 20002, Call MacGregor and Collins at 949-250-6097 today.

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