How Much Does a DUI Cost In California?

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One of the first things that come to mind when you’re arrested for DUI is the cost. Not only the monetary cost, but also the time that will be lost from work, school, going to court and more. Here’s a breakdown of the top costs of DUI in California:

Court Fees

The basic fee that will be paid for DUI is $390, but the maximum can be up to $1,000. Many offenders will be charged a fine or jail time – or both these penalties. In addition to this penalty, court fees are also added for processing the case.

DUI School

One of the most common penalties of DUI is the judge’s order to enroll in DUI School. This can cost offenders roughly six months to one year of weekly participation that’s reported to the court. This means spending time away from work, family, or higher education – plus the cost of tuition. DUI School can cost offenders up to $1,000.


One can expect that an insurance premium will increase following a DUI. This is because these offenses are reported on the driver’s motor vehicle history. In addition to higher insurance costs, a DUI can also affect one’s credit score, which means paying higher interest rates on loans or lines of credit.

Alternative Sentencing

If a DUI offender is given alternate penalties such as the installation of an ignition interlock device, the driver will incur a fee of eighty dollars per month until the sentence is completed.

Reinstating Driver’s License

After a driver’s license has been suspended for a period of time, the fees will typically be $145 in the state of California for reinstating with the DMV.

Lawyer Fees

A lawyer’s fee should also be held in consideration, and this will vary based on what firm is being used. A DUI attorney can however fight to lower the costs and penalties of a drunk driving case. Call MacGregor and Collins at 949- 250-6927 to learn more.


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