Methamphetamine DUI in California

What is Methamphetamine  DUI in California?

California  Vehicle Code Section 23152 (b) –  defines  operating a vehicle under the influence of Methamphetamine in California as being against the law. Other labels for this narcotic include meth, crystal meth, ice, speed and more.

Determining Factors of Methamphetamine  DUI in California:

Before any Methamphetamine  DUI case can reach a conviction, there are factors of the crime that will need to be verified. Methamphetamine  DUI in California CPC  23152 (b) is no different, and these factors include:

  • The accused is responsible for driving under the influence of  Methamphetamine

This offense is a subdivision of  California DUID laws. Since DUID does not require a percentage or measurement level in the blood to be prosecuted, the court will usually use the driver’s behavior, physical appearance, and a positive trace of Methamphetamine in the chemical test as evidence at the trial. In addition, California utilizes drug experts who can easily detect the symptoms of drug use.

Penalties for California Vehicle Code 23152

The fines and punishments for Methamphetamine  DUI in California, if convicted, include:

  • A maximum of one year in the county jail
  • A minimum of $390 in fines
  • An informal probation of three to five years
  • A minimum of three months in DUI school
  • A minimum of six months driver’s license suspension

* These penalties are for first time  offenders of DUID in California.

In addition, the defendant is also subject to charges of drug possession, which carries its own  fines and penalties.

Added Notes:

Methamphetamine  is a stimulant that speeds up the brain and body in general. It has legal uses for treating obesity and ADHD, but is illegal as a non-prescription.

It should be noted that felony or misdemeanor charges are determined by specific circumstances of the case, and the court will deliberate on these, before sentencing someone found guilty of Methamphetamine  DUI in California.

How to Hire a Orange County Law Firm for Methamphetamine  DUI in California:

Choosing a lawyer may be the difference between proving your innocence or being convicted of a crime you were no part of.

If you are accused of Methamphetamine  DUI in California, it’s time to call a legal defense team that knows the law like the back of their hands. Call MacGregor and Collins at 949-250-6097 today.

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