Orange County Police Put Prostitution Offenders to Shame

shoes and handcuffsAccording to the Orange County Police Department, prostitution is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the County, which is why they are incorporating new tactics to try and discourage those who solicit prostitutes. A so-called “john” should be wary when entering a hotel room to engage in illegal activities, because OC officers may be hiding in the room next door.

Sting operations such as these have now become quite common. Female police officers wearing recording devices document offers by prostitution offenders and, once enough evidence is collected, seize their personal items, including photos and money. Police hope that the missing money as well as the citation and summons for court sent to their home addresses will help deter repeat offenses.

Why Play the Prostitution Shame Game?

Police officials have noticed a repeat pattern amongst those who use prostitutes; many offenders are more worried that their wives or girlfriends find out about their offense than anything else. To use this to their advantage, police are making sure to send multiple items relating to prostitution arrests to the offender’s address. When married or living with a significant other, these letters may fall into the wrong hands and ruin an offender’s relationship.

Legality of Shaming Offenders

Police officials may not be doing anything that could be considered illegal because their actions could be argued as an attempt to keep offenders informed about their legal process. Sending multiple citation reminders to a prostitution offender’s home that is single may actually help him stay informed and prepared for upcoming court dates and/or hearings related to his or her offense.

Types of Prostitution Offenders

A common misconception about prostitution offenders is that all of those who have paid an undercover officer were about to engage in sexual activities. Although the vast majority of those who are arrested for prostitution in Orange County were caught trying to pay for sexual acts, this is not the case for everyone.

What to Do if Arrested for Prostitution in Orange County

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