The Latest Sex Crimes Cases in Santa Ana

The OC Register has reported that a Santa Ana man, Mariano Antonio Castro, has been found guilty of sex crimes with his step daughter.

The details of the case include that the young girl was first sexually assaulted at the age of seven and was subsequently impregnated by her stepfather at eleven years of age. The prosecution was able to prove the case through DNA and paternity, however Castro’s criminal defense attorneys argued that instead of acting with duress – otherwise known as force, violence or threat, the young girl was instead persuaded to engage in sexual activities with the now 58 year old sex offender.

Santa Ana sex crimes come with a host of steep penalties, especially when it comes to assault on a minor. In this case the minor was under the age of fourteen and Castro was found guilty of multiple sex crimes including:

  • Rape under Duress
  • Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child
  • Lewd Acts on a Child Younger Than 14
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault on a Child With The Use Of Force Or Fear

He is scheduled for sentencing in April, 2013, and could face close to seventy eight years to a lifetime imprisonment.

More About Lewd Acts with a Minor Under 14

This crime is known as deliberately engaging in sexual acts with someone under the age of fourteen for arousal or gratification. Those found guilty may face either or felony or misdemeanor charges. All offenders are additionally required to register in the sex offender’s database.

How do prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys find their own key pieces of evidence?  In sexual assault cases, there are multiple resources for gathering evidence, and it’s up to individual lawyers and prosecutors to come up with innovative ways of supporting their case. The most commonly used methods for laying the groundwork however include collaborations with private detectives, forensic specialists and DNA experts for gathering preliminary evidence of innocence or guilt.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crimes in Santa Ana, contact the defense attorneys at MacGregor and Collins at (949) 250-6097. We will help to get the best outcome for your case.

Source: OC Register

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