Violent Crimes In Newport Beach

Violent crimes are defined as those that involve the use of force, violence, threat or intimidation to attempt or complete an offense.

As an example, an assault which involves threatening someone else through intimidation or physical aggression is a crime – even if no injuries occurred.  Battery is also considered to be a violent crime and would mean that the accused had a physical altercation with the victim.

Depending on the factors of the case, such as the severity of injuries, if a weapon or firearm were used, or some other aggravating circumstance, the court will deliberate on what sentencing to hand out – based on minimum and maximum sentencing in California Penal Codes. Other violent crimes that are handled in Newport Beach courts on a regular basis include:

  • Arson – this involves deliberately setting fire to a property that belongs to someone else. If the offender did so recklessly and without intent, it’s still considered to be arson in some instances, even though the fines will be lower for malicious arson.
  • Domestic Violence – crimes of domestic violence include battery or assault against someone that is or was living in the home of the offender. The victim could be a spouse, partner, child, elderly parent or someone akin to the accused. It’s also easy to falsely accuse someone else for domestic violence when only the two parties were present. However, a lawyer can help with these challenging cases.

Violent crimes are serious allegations that can leave defendants facing years behind bars, hefty fines and a criminal record. Even so, an experienced Newport Beach violent crimes lawyer can help to bring you the best outcome for your case. Call MacGregor and Collins today at (949) 250-6097. Also check out the full list of California Penal Codes or crimes, and their penalties here.


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