What Happens When You’re Caught Driving with a Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license is a violation of California Vehicle Code 14601. Violations of vehicle code sections 1460, 1460.1, 1460.2, 1460.3, and 1460.5 are all misdemeanor offenses. Your penalties increase with each subsequent conviction within a five to seven year period. Your punishments depend on a few variables including the reason your license was suspended, whether or not you have had prior convictions for driving with a suspended license, and the contents of your driving history (including all out-of-state convictions). Driving with a suspended license punishments have numerous variables but generally include paying a fine, serving probation, and/or serving jail time. Penalties are generally higher if your license was revoked or suspended for a DUI conviction, a vehicular manslaughter conviction, or being labeled a habitual traffic offender. In these above mentioned cases you can face increased jail sentence, vehicle impounding, and a permanent revoking of your license.

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