Why You Need a California DUI Lawyer

California DUI LawyerIf you’ve been arrested for DUI you may be wondering if you really need a lawyer.

A lawyer can help with the following:

Plea Bargains – offer the defendants the chance to get a lowered sentencing option such as wet reckless driving or a simple traffic infraction for instance. The cases vary and a lawyer can explain whether or not you qualify.

Up-To-Date – Each year, changes are made to California DUI laws. A professional DUI lawyer who specializes in this niche will usually know the best ways to fight the DUI charges you’re facing and leave you with the best practical outcome for the case.

Representation – in both DUI court and the DMV hearing can be taxing. An expert DUI lawyer however knows the best ways to navigate these court proceedings, whether it means filing an extension for your driver’s license, getting a restricted license to keep you on the roadways and on to work, or fighting to keep you out of jail.

Proving Innocence – there are many cases where there are innocent explanations for the suspicious drunk driving behavior of drivers. One of these includes being on a certain diet or treating a particular illness that would lead to a positive blood alcohol reading. A DUI attorney can study the case to determine the best ways to fight the case.

A DUI charge can come with high fines, an unfavorable record, insurance hikes and many other repercussions outside the courtroom. The better question is can you really afford not to hire a lawyer?

Many lawyers provide initial consultations to give you a bigger picture of what you’re up against, including the minimum and maximum sentencing if applicable to your case.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a DUI, contact a California DUI lawyer immediately at (949) 250-6097. MacGregor and Collins will help to get the best outcome for your case.


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